5 Controversial Reasons We NEED Trump to Win

Jay Hall
6 min readJul 11, 2020
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If you’re a Trump supporter and you’ve come here for support of the President, you’re about to be sorely disappointed.

Donald Trump is the most polarizing and controversial politician in recent history. Some argue that he is a modern day Hitler while others argue that he is more of a Jesus type.

And it is those who believe that Trump is the second coming whom have forced me to write these disgusting words.

This article is based around the premise that things need to get worse before they get better.

The US needs to hit rock bottom.

1: America Needs to See the Long-Term Effects of COVID-19 While the Moron that Created Policy That Allowed it to Spread is in Office

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We, as humans, are generally short-sighted. We think one or two steps ahead but very few conversations are about the long-term effects of Coronavirus and COVID-19.

We are just now seeing people with symptoms that involve blood, heart, lungs, and brain that likely aren’t going away any time soon.

While Trump touts a decline in the mortality rate (that is actually due to the premature openings, a lag in cases vs deaths because that’s how illness works, and the hard work that medical professionals are putting in) he doesn’t have the emotional or intellectual bandwidth to understand the problems in this policy are just getting started.

If he’s still in office when the real horror of this pandemic settles in, he’ll actually be held accountable by those who supported him.

2: Trump Supporters Need to Be Put in Their Place

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I had hoped [in a misguided moment of humanity] that Trump was a Trojan Horse. He turned out to be much worse for the world than I could have ever predicted.

Narcissists with a clear drug habit who have ripped off the regular working man on multiple occasions should never be allowed to wield the power of office.

The reason this is so damning is because these types of men are generally ultra-alpha males, and the betas of society who pretend they are alphas are instantly hypnotized by everything they say.

Look at Trump’s supporters most recently. He pardoned Roger Stone for an undeniable crime and they laud their hero for sticking it to the man … not realizing Trump IS the man. He literally embodies everything that “the man” whom all these supporters previously hated, is.

He’s rich, he doesn’t give a shit about anyone beneath him, he steals from those with less than him, he disguises his credentials as “for all” when they’re really “for few”, and he has no respect for anyone that challenges him.

Up until Trump, we all hated “the man” and now there are millions who treat him like he’s a God.

If Trump wins on November 3, 2020, he’ll do 2 things; get much more extreme in his policies and he will work to figure out how he can hold onto power. Both, are going to sink the US into a civil war.

It’s only when his supporters are face down in a gutter with a boot on their back, penniless and bewildered, that they start to see the error of their conspiracy theory loving, blind, and unintelligible ways.

3: The US is No Longer the World’s Super Power

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Sure, the US has a huge army, but look at how worthless a US passport has become. Look at the jokes world leaders make about Trump. Look at how the international community is moving on without the US. Look at how US policy has built a wall around their country.

Tariffs and taxes.

Fake progress with North Korea.

Broken trade deals.

Petty name calling.

False narrative.

Russia, Canada, the Koreas, the EU, Australia, China, Japan … if they’re not using Donald Trump they’re excluding him all together.

We need Trump in office when this all comes to head. If Biden wins, he can’t possibly fix the damage done in 4 years so the Republicans will hang the failures on him.

Trump must win so that his failed state is realized while he’s on the clock. This is the only way to get the America of yesteryear back with improvements.

4: The Divide is Just Starting

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Black Lives Matter is a force to be reckoned with but they’re just getting started.

White Nationalism in the US has ramped up but it’s just getting started.

The backwards slide for women’s and LGBT rights is going to get much worse.

The income gap is growing but it’s not at Dark Knight Rises levels … yet.

I could go on and on about the social issues that plague the US but I think you get the point.

Trump is a divisive character and with a second term he will double down.

People need to see how unhinged Donald Trump can get.

The divide will unfortunately mean more lives lost and a civil unrest that will cripple the country but again … only through incredible pain will the US make a course correction.

5: Trust Needs to be Renewed

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Only through a second term of Trump will trust be renewed in the media, experts and the world’s most vital institutions.

With Trump in for a second term, he will do everything that the left fears and that will wake up some of his supporters.

Of course, there are those so far gone that they can’t even hold the Commander and Chief accountable for selling out his own troops, but I have hope (there’s that scary word again) that they are on the fringe.

With a second Trump term the economy will crumble, the gaps will widen, the power of the US will diminish and the quality of life in one of my favourite countries will become so poor that Mexico will shut their borders to the US for the very same reasons Trump was building a wall … the desperate will do desperate things.

The Grim Picture with a Silver Lining

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It’s not all bad news though. Once Trump completely ruins the US in his second-term, the people will re-calibrate and many will realize the error of their ways.

COVID has revealed that capitalism doesn’t work while Trump has revealed Democracy needs a re-write.

There is a chance that a second Trump term leads to an awakening.

Biden winning won’t. His victory extends the suffering and puts a bandaid on an issue that the US needs to confront; the Republic is dead.



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