6 Reasons to Say Fuck. The. Democrats.

Jay Hall
4 min readJul 3, 2020
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I remember the election night of Barack Obama vividly. There was hope and freedom in the air. People were genuinely happy.

I had just finished a round of press interviews and the common question among them was, “Do you think the Republican party is dead?”

Looking back, it dawned on me then that there was a huge problem in the Democratic party … and that problem was called Obama.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I worked for the man and still believe that I made the right decision throwing my efforts behind the then-Senator, but it was clear that because of Obama, the Democrats were getting a little big for their britches.

Problem 1: The DNC

In 2015, it became clear that the Democrat’s ego and corruption had grown to such levels that they couldn’t imagine a Republican world and as a result, the they handed the 2016 election to Donald Trump and they are once again going to do it in 2020.

The DNC doesn’t present Presidential candidates the public wants, they offer up candidates they think can win. Their thinking is obviously impaired though.

Between financial, digital and personal scandals, the DNC has proven they can’t be trusted. And, I don’t know who the political strategists are behind the scenes of the DNC but it is obvious they don’t have a fucking clue where to take the party. Tone deaf and corrupt is a bad combination.

Problem 2: Joe Biden

You ran Biden against Trump? Really?

That’s the best you could do, huh?

I like Biden. I think he’s smart and funny; he oozes charisma in person. But he’s not the guy to beat Trump. Neither was Bernie. Wanna know why? Because there is no GUY to beat Trump! They had to run a woman to win!

Problem 3: Hillary Clinton

Now, maybe you’re asking yourself, but didn’t they run a woman in 2016? Debatable. Hillary Clinton isn’t likeable; in fact, most women I know in the US didn’t get behind her.

Hillary Clinton isn’t friendly and approachable … or particularly charismatic … or particularly Presidential … or particularly intelligent … or particularly strong.

She’s the wife of a philandering former President who came off horribly when she showed very little emotion over Bill’s affairs. She’s the woman who was involved in all the Benghazi stuff. She’s just cold.

Problem 4: Ignorance

The Democrats had one job to do; pick someone that was the exact opposite of Trump. Instead, they picked an old white man, who gaffes a lot, comes from money and flip flops on policy.

So what does the exact opposite of Trump look like?

Well, a woman. There’s the first miss by the DNC.

A visible minority. They got it wrong there too.

A war hero. Not Biden.

Good on the mic. Sometimes Biden, but mostly not.

A person who can admit their mistakes and speak to evolution of ideas through better understanding. Most definitely not Biden.

And I know this shouldn’t matter, but vanity is rampant in Western culture … the candidate for President should have been good looking with a friendly vibe.

If only they had a candidate that fit the bill. I mean, we all know that in politics you have to give some and lose some. No one’s perfect, right?


The DNC had the PERFECT candidate in Tulsi Gabbard.


If you don’t know about her, that’s by design. Corruption in the DNC prevented her from getting very far with her campaign.

Here’s a great talk she had with Joe Rogan:


Problem 5: Trump, Trump, Trump … To Infinity & Beyond

The Democrats make everything about Trump. Just shut up about the guy already and focus on what you would do to make the world a better place.

Democrats are more obsessed with Trump than Republicans. And look, I get it. Trump is an asshole and a terrible POTUS, but people are well aware.

Stooping to his level of name calling and obsession is just playing into his hands.

Ignore the big orange monster in the room and focus on delivering a message to your people that resonates. That message has to be positive, truthful, centrist, civilian minded, and most importantly … Democratic!

Problem 6: Go Left at the Exit

The last big problem the Democrats have is quite possibly the most important; spectrum politics are the Republican’s game and trying to play it will cost the Democrats the election.

Going hard left was a big mistake because you have left leaning people such as myself who can’t even get on board with half the insanity coming out of hard-leftist agendas. I mean really … how many gender pronouns are we up to now? How offended are you at the shape of pie? When is it okay to walk and chew gum at the same time?

If the Democrats has stayed just left of center while Trump was in office they may have been able to turn the tide. But now, Barack Obama’s party now feels like the party of Grandma’s with rulers ready to smack our fingers if we indulge in just one more cookie.

The question I now ask is, “Do you think the Democratic party is dead?”

The answer is, “YES” until they clean house at the DNC.

You can thank those morons for another 4 years of Trump.



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