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It’s a tale as old as homo sapiens; boy meet girl, boy gets interested in girl, girl says boy is too clingy, girl ghosts boy, boy gets mad, boy goes to the gym, boy starts pounding back roids, boy finds a Barbie, they treat each other terribly, and now everyone is jaded.

For those of you that haven’t dated in awhile, you might be thinking the above story is hyperbolic, but every element of that tale of woe is far too common in these days of pandemics, pandering and postmodern communication.

I’ve been there, all of my friends have been…

Headshot for work.

I think, like most people, when answering the question—what am I?—it’s not apparent in our minds as to who we are at our core. We often wrestle with multiple sides of ourselves.

We agonize over our mistakes and who we were. In the moment, we often try and be something we’re not (especially in the presence of the apple of our eye). We craft an idea of who we want to be in the future. And then, there is who we are to each and every person we encounter—a different person in each mind’s eye.

Our identities are so complex…

I’ve seen this meme floating around a lot and while I am hard on anti-reality types, I take major issue with this stance. It’s demeaning to anyone who chooses to use their brain. I get who this meme is targeting but the message is all wrong.

People should do everything they can to form opinions which govern their lives. That is only done through research. Scientific study is something entirely different; hands-on studies and experimentation with tools that would blow our minds, and a process of experimentation that was founded to eliminate junk science.

However, science isn’t perfect and it…

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What Would Jesus Do?

When I was a kid, I remember hearing conversations about eroding religious values. Many in my life said that as atheism grew, so too would our complacency towards morals. The prediction was that eventually we’d end up in a dystopian future filled with selfish choices and disregard for others.

COVID-19, as a pandemic, is almost behind us but if the last year and half have shown me anything it’s that the dystopian future my parent’s friends spoke of is here. However, it’s not because religion isn’t guiding the way anymore.

In 2020 and 2021, it’s the religious that have often…


It’s a word that gets thrown around like a week old wet towel. We pretend so often in our lives that we are truly, indeed in love but more often than not it’s a messy mirage in a desert of loneliness. In thousands of years few have truly gotten it right.

Think of the greatest tales of love. Many were about power and control. Even my grandparent’s generation made a mess out of love, staying together through the bullshit because “that’s what people do”. My parents generation are the divorce generation; they made divorce popular.

Now, in this modern…

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Our divide is so incredibly wide at this point in history and it almost seems like there is nothing we can do to save ourselves.

In Canada, we watch the US and pretend we’re better even though we know deep down; so goes America, so goes Canada eventually (for the most part).

While Canada is more peaceful than the US (again, for the most part), we have a lot of citizens being radicalized, and while our problems might seem smaller, so too is our population. …

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2020 was a year to remember that the vast majority of us wish we could forget; forest fires, civil unrest, the US election, Kobe and 8 others died, COVID-19, murder hornets, George Floyd, and the list goes on.

Luckily, nature will heal, civic unrest brings civic change, Trump is out, we had time to grieve, there’s an active vaccine program, those damn hornets just seemed to disappear, and we’ve seen police reform.

The one aspect of society’s response to nearly everyone of these situations that will not repair itself for a long time to come if we don’t do something…

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We’re nearing the end of 2020, and the only clear resolve we have is that there is no clear resolve.

While Antifa blames the Proud Boys and COVIDiots blame big pharma, I would like to propose a new all-encompassing reason for our division — fantasy is colliding with reality.

We see this in every single major issue these days. The few I’ll deal with:

  • Government knew a pandemic was on the horizon but did little to prepare because (at least in North America) on the surface, life looked pretty good.

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Every now and then a video hits the internet that captivates the attention of the masses. It’s “well produced”, people speak with accents which makes North American’s believe they are smart, and hindsight hole filling makes it easy to be sucked into the premise.

The COVID-19 Genocide of 2020 is one of these videos. So, let’s deal with it step-by-step, claim-by-claim.


The video opens with a quote from Robert F Kennedy Jr.

I know, you hear the name Kennedy and you’re instantly transported to a time of the original RFK, JFK, and America’s most celebrated family.

RFK Jr was a…

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It’s so interesting how people will believe literally anything they read. In the 90’s, stupidity was blamed on a lack of information. Now, in 2020 stupidity can no longer hide. We have access to boundless amounts of info and yet there are those who believe anything they see.

  • No further research.
  • No credibility needed.
  • No actual expert knowledge.
  • No proof.

On the other hand, here are some provable items that those same people won’t believe:

  • Donald Trump disrespected service members here (although to be fair, he wasn’t recorded saying it) and here. …

Jay Hall

I find therapy in words. 3 types of articles I write: Life Lessons, What If (fiction meets reality) and Nonsense Listicles.

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