A Frustrating Time to be Alive: Conspiracies about COVID-19

Jay Hall
6 min readSep 2, 2020


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What a frustrating time to be alive!

Let’s say, for a moment, that COVID-19 is a hoax or at the very least not as bad as the extreme vast majority of experts and doctors say. What does that look like?


All world governments are now working together to kill their citizens, which I’m not sure has ever happened in human history.

Just look at war; countries change alliances and battle each other over almost nothing on a regular basis. Now they’re all singing Kumbaya?

Mass Compliance Among the Hyper-Intelligent

The overwhelming majority of medical professionals must be agreeing to dupe the public and keep it a secret, which I’m not sure can happen.

Have you ever tried to keep a secret amongst a large group of people? Failure. Every. Time. Now imagine doing that with millions of people across borders.

What about all of those doctors that agree “something is going on”? Why were millions of doctors sent secret information to back the greatest hoax in human history but a bunch of randoms like the witch doctor were left out?

Humanity Over Votes

Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau have agreed to destroy their economies when economic impact is the sole issue that was governing their re-elections.

Worldwide X’s & O’s

China, the US and Russia are clearly working together in 2020.

That right there is next to impossible.

Excess Mortality Rate

The excess mortality rate would have to be explained some other way. Why? To what end? For an experiment in human control? That’s just silly.

COVID-19 has killed the rich, the poor, the elite, the homeless, and knows no boundaries. So, there’s something else going on and the entire world’s medical community is just ignoring it. Yeah, that sounds plausible.

Medical Malpractice is FUN!

Doctors are clearly willing to put their high-paying careers on the line and violate their oath to fudge numbers.

Then there are all the nurses, health care aides and other staff that would have to be in on it as well.

OR, when someone has cancer and they’re given 6 months to live but they get COVID-19 and die in 6 days, they actually did die of COVID-19. No, there isn’t any actual evidence that anyone’s death certificate had COD as COVID-19 when they died in a car accident.

If you believe that, you need your internet privileges taken away.

FOX & CNN in a Secret Love Affair

All of MSM, including bitter rivals — FOX and CNN — have made a pact to basically agree on the hoax and drain the economies of every nation on earth, jeopardizing their livelihoods as well?

Let’s Lie for Fun … While Barely Breathing

Millions of people in videos and on social media faking their symptoms. What do they get out of it?

Bad Things Never Happen

And last but not least, not believing COVID-19 is real or as bad as it seems means you have to suspend disbelief. It means you don’t believe bad shit just happens sometimes and that makes you hella dangerous and naive. Nature is a brutal, unforgiving bitch of epic proportions. We live out of balance with nature and you don’t think nature will fight back?

Fact Checks

BAD THINGS HAPPEN for unknown reasons. The sooner you accept that, the happier you’ll be.

Pandemics have always and will always be a part of our lives. So every pandemic going forward is due to government control? Really. Every one now? What about all of the pandemics in the past? They just stopped because we’re awesome as a species?

A zebra doesn’t change its stripes so when you say doctors and nurses are intentionally killing people you’re not being smart, you’re being a naive asshole.

Politicians don’t intentionally destroy their re-election chances. Or do they? Pick a side. Either they’re greedy assholes who do everything they can to stay in power or they are part of a global experiment in control and don’t care about their re-election bids.

Experts have been predicting this for decades and WE ignored them. WE elected officials that ignored them. WE were watching Netflix and fucking; decided that the problem was too big to deal with. WE did this. Accept responsibility and be a part of the solution, not the problem. So what’s the play? Experts should stop trying to figure out solutions to possible problems? Great idea! Let’s get all the experts to sit on their hands so we’re really hooped next time. They’re all out to get us anyways, right?

Which is It?

Look, either all the countries on earth hate Trump or they’re in cahoots. Trump fans have been saying all other countries treat him unfairly but to pull this off, they would require extraordinary and unprecedented cooperation. Which is it?

The Western world (at the very least) is completely divided; red and blue. So what? All of a sudden identity politics are out the window and the powers that be agreed to kill hundreds of thousands of people so they could conduct an experiment and track you? I hope you never become a writer because that plot has more holes than the Bible.

All you woke people who know this is fake or not as bad, I ask you this …

What are you going to do when the long-term effects of COVID-19 are ravaging our health care system? Call those symptoms fake and lobby to deny treatment? The mortality rate isn’t even the biggest problem here. You’re focused on binary live or die. That’s not how viruses and diseases work. The problem is those that survive with life long complications. Some of the very same people calling COVID-19 fake lobbied for 9/11 first responders to receive life long treatment for the conditions that stemmed from working in deplorable conditions. So, which is it? What side are you on?

When the next major pandemic with a novel virus hits (and it will) are you going to expect science and medicine to have all the answers out of the gate as you have in hindsight with COVID-19?

Are you willing to push your Granny out the door and force her to go out in public despite her compromised immune system?

What do you say about the fact that young people made up 18% of the cases but since the young have gotten fatigued by lockdown and have broken out to parties and bars that the numbers are now at 24%?

You don’t trust the system, right? Medical professionals are trying to kill or chip you at every turn? Fine … right here, right now, are you willing to give up your right to health care?

What do you say about the fact that this has all happened as the experts predicted?

The virus would hit and sweep the world but preventative measures would slow it until they find a vaccine.

If we didn’t take it seriously it would get worse for less-at-risk demographics.

All of that was said prior and all of that has happened.

So THEY made you deny reality and go out?

THEY made going out for drinks a priority over keeping families safe?

THEY did that, huh?

So what rights are you fighting for exactly because if that’s true we already have no free will.

Fight the Ignorant

Conspiracy theorists get mad when they bring their woke YouTube bullshit to social media and people call them out on the facts. They call us sheep. They call us naive. They call us inferior. Don’t fall for it.

They are dangerous. They are bored. They are disrespectful to those who are sick. They are going to live to regret their decisions.

Even if 50% of the deaths are somehow fudged that’s still 400,000 deaths. So, I guess my question is how many is too many?




What’s the acceptable amount of human loss before you admit you made a mistake? And remember, the higher the number, the more chances you and yours will die and all you had to do was 3 super-simple, mindless things.

Stay safe, stay distanced, stay masked, stay humble, stay courteous. Because there are people out there that can’t help their situation and we need to be responsible for them.



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