Comparing George Floyd to Cannon Hinnant: A Massive Mistake

Why is this even a comparison? Let’s set aside the fact that this meme is complete bullshit since numerous news outlets covered this story at length. Let’s set aside the fact that this is a terrible situation that affected a community and it is completely reasonable for regional news to be the outlets covering this story. Let’s set aside race.

It is sad and sick that this guy killed a child. He deserves the harshest of punishment, which he will get because one thing inmates generally don’t like is other inmates that hurt children.

This is important to note for a few reasons:

  1. It’s amazing that they didn’t gun him down. Can you imagine what those cops must have thought about Sessoms? I believe this is what reform looks like.
  2. Your #justiceforcannon posts are mute as justice has been served.

This is not a systemic issue!

If there were a whole bunch of guys running around killing kids then the media would be all over it. In fact, I bet BLM and COVID-19 would fade from CNN and Fox, to be replaced by a problem so gross that it makes us question humanity.

But, alas, there is no epidemic of guys killing kids. It happens and it’s terrible, but it’s not systemic.

Media Coverage

So what’s the argument here? That the media must cover every murder that happens? Every tragedy in the world?

George Floyd being killed blew up because it was a part of an overwhelmingly large problem.

NO ONE is denying that this kid being killed is sad.

NO ONE is denying that this guy deserves hell.

NO ONE should be equating these 2 issues.

Everyone posting this is so damn obsessed with jumping on social bandwagons they don’t stop to think about how the very act of comparing the 2 cheapens the very argument they feel passionate about.

Comparison cheapens the true heart of BLM.

These shitty memes cheapen the great work by police in this case.

These things are being circulated and the parents now have to watch their dead child be used for your crusade.

This has nothing to do with media attention or BLM.

I find therapy in words. 3 types of articles I write: Life Lessons, What If (fiction meets reality) and Nonsense Listicles.

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