Donald Trump’s New York Trial Explained (for MAGA)

Jay Hall
9 min readMay 31, 2024


Donald Trump and his “lawyers”.

Today was the day. Donald Trump is now a felon. To hear him explain it, he’s the world’s greatest victim but I contend that MAGA world is actually the victim here.

His group of business people, lawyers and politicians talk A LOT! When they talk, they lie. They lie so much that it seems impossible anyone would lie that much.

You surely don’t, so why would someone in Trump’s place lie about everything? It has a lot to do with his silver spoon.

Trump has been afforded every luxury in life and he surrounded himself with people that would do his bidding. This is a luxury none of us had.

But, he overreached and had to be held to account.

So, it’s with that in mind, I felt like I would appeal to anyone that is a part of MAGA world by explaining in plain english where he lied with examples to prove he lied.

You’re not dumb!

Many (including me at times) have written you off as dumb but that’s just not true. You’re victims of spin.

Trump himself treats you like you’re dumb. He lies and thinks you can’t do basic internet searches but the fact of the matter is you’re smarter than he gives you credit for.

So, here it is. Trump’s 34 charges and all that drama in the trial explained.

What Were the Crimes?

Donald Trump was found guilty for 34 counts of falsifying business records. Now, the elites will tell you that everyone does this so it’s not really a crime. Are you okay with that? The rich getting away with shit we would go to jail for?

Aren’t you also the very people that want to hold the rich to account?

Donald Trump falsified records to win an election (there is literally zero other explanation for the timing and that is backed up by unassociated members of Trump’s inner-circles) and to curb taxes.

Is that fair?

In Trump’s own words, he paid off Stormy Daniels but he didn’t but he did, but he didn’t. Why would you believe someone that can’t get his story straight? The evidence is very clear … literally signed and sealed by Trump.

Donald Trump paid $1500 in federal tax in 3 years and a large reason for that is because he skirted on taxes. You and I work our asses off for our money and some rich silver spoon mfer isn’t even paying his fair share? That’s not cool with me, and it shouldn’t be cool with you. The guy is a genius billionaire, but all of his taxes show he loses money. How? Make that make sense.

It doesn’t matter whether he had sex with a porn star while his wife was at home with their newborn.

It only matters that he was caught planning the payoff and then lying about it so he could pull the wool over our eyes.

Joe Biden was Behind it All

I’m going to set aside all the high brow government process explanations that make this impossible and just speak to you about the one simple reason that Joe Biden could not have been behind this trial … the jury.

Those 12 people that found Trump guilty were allowed to sit and judge Trump because Trump and his lawyers allowed them to be there. It’s that simple. The prosecution and the defense agreed on who should be a part of the jury; that’s how jury selection works.

Joe Biden had no way of knowing who was going to get picked or even how to get to them after they were selected.

Also, if there was no crime then there would be no trial, so Joe Biden would have had to fake documents, audio recordings, get dozens of witnesses to admit to being co-conspirators and even convince some to go to jail for the cause … keeping in mind all of these people were loyal to Trump at the time this all happened.

Oh, and he’d have to dupe Donald’s voice perfectly, and then I guess mess with Trump’s meds so that he continually changed his story about the whole thing.

If Joe Biden really was behind this then he deserves all the recognition for being the literal embodiment of Bond level evil genius. Sleepy Joe ain’t so sleepy if he’s a criminal mastermind.

What Evidence?

Trump and his people say there was no evidence presented at trial. Oh yeah?

The prosecution’s case against Trump relied on 34 documents: 11 invoices, 12 vouchers and 11 checks (most can be seen here), as well as audio recordings.

Throughout the trial, prosecutors repeatedly told jurors not to rely on what Michael Cohen, their key witness and the ex-president’s former lawyer and fixer, had said in court.

They said this because they knew that the evidence spoke for itself. Michel Cohen and others were simply put on stand to connect the dots. By itself, the evidence, was enough to prosecute.

In movie and TV, this is what is known as a smoking gun.

The Gag Order

Now, in regards to gag orders and the fact that Trump says the gag order basically prevented him from campaigning or from saying everything he wanted.

Here are the specifics of the gag order.

Trump is barred from making public statements about witnesses concerning their participation in the case, or any statements about counsel, court staff and their family members that could interfere with the case — and then expanded the order to also include family members of the judge and District Attorney after Trump repeatedly lashed out against Merchan’s daughter on social media.

Again, you’re not stupid. You can read English. Read that English.

Where does it say he can’t campaign? Where does it say he couldn’t state his case? Where does it say he couldn’t testify?

If the gag order really did stop him from campaigning, how did he campaign the few times it worked with his schedule? If the gag order really stopped him from stating his case or testifying, why did Trump say he was going to testify? He said it a lot.

All you have to do is think about it for longer than a second to see the holes in Trump’s story.

BTW, here are other notable people who have had gag orders dropped on them:

OJ Simpson

Numerous parties had orders in the AstroWorld Festival trial (TX)

Dyleski vs California

Roger Stone

There are thousands of examples from notable people right down to examples of us. I’d say that throws the whole “unprecedented” and “unconstiutional” argument out the window.

Reliance on/Advice of Counsel Defense

Trump keeps pretending that he wasn’t able to use this defense, and he’s right, he couldn’t. Because to use said defense he had to testify and admit guilt. That’s how it works.

Why would anyone trust a guy who so clearly lies. He knows he can’t use this. defense. He just thinks you’re too stupid to look it up OR he believes that he has such power over you that you won’t question his words.

BTW, presence of counsel isn’t a thing. You can’t just make up laws for fun. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Why Certain Witnesses Weren’t Called

Donald Trump said that certain witnesses should have been called and he was going to testify. Oddly enough, his lawyers tried to throw Donald’s kids under the bus in closing arguments. Or is it odd? Trump doesn’t have any loyalty so why would his lawyer extend the courtesy?

But one important question remains … why didn’t Trump’s lawyers call these people that could have strengthened Don’s case?

Now, you might point to the “elections expert” that Trump says was not allowed to testify. That’s inaccurate. He wasn’t allowed to talk about the specifics of the case because it would all be conjecture … which it would be.

I’m an excellent business plan writer. That doesn’t mean I know everything about a business I wasn’t involved in.

Todd Blanche says he didn’t call these witnesses because in America the defense doesn’t have the burden of proof and he wasn’t about to do the prosecution’s job for them.

Ironic! Since not mounting a defense is doing the prosecution’s job for them.

To be clear, it was completely within the defense’s right to call whomever they wanted. This is conjecture, but I suspect they didn’t call anyone else because they knew they wouldn’t hang during cross-examination like the defense’s other witnesses that they called.

You get the lawyer you deserve, as they say.

Why Trump Didn’t Testify

This part is speculation but it’s a pretty solid guess. I believe Trump didn’t take the stand because he knows he lies constantly and that he wouldn’t have been able to help himself on the stand.

He’ll speak in front of the media and on Truth Social constantly but he won’t testify. Ask yourself why? It’s because when you’re under oath and you lie, you are legally opening yourself up to perjury charges.

I mean this is a big point for you all, and it should be. He said he would testify, you said he would testify … and yet, not.

If you’re still a Trump supporter then fine: Send me $500 and I’ll turn it into $5000 but you can’t get mad at me if I can’t produce the $5000 because you’re willing to let people lie to your face without consequences.

Look, Trump didn’t testify because he, at the very least, knew it would sink his case. If he had a solid argument for everything, then why didn’t he testify? All he needed was to implant a small amount of doubt in the juror’s minds.

Two-Tier Justice System

Trump was right about something: there is a two-tiered justice system. Ten violations of the gag order should have landed him in jail.

The MAGA judge in FL has done everything she can to delay Trump’s trial until after the election.

Trump got to go home after being found guilty of 34 counts! Most defendants wouldn’t be afforded this luxury.

Judges Daughter

Trump accused the judge’s daughter of posting “nasty things” about him. Only … she didn’t, of course. He got duped … again!

Does she work for Democrats? Yes. Is she in any position to wield power over 12 jury members she’s never met, partially selected by Trump’s team? Absolutely not.

Trump Couldn’t Campaign & Change of Venue

These two kinda tie together. Donald continued to complain about the gag order stopping him from campaiging and that the trial was unfair because it was in Manhattan (a Dem stronghold).

However, while campaigning the few times (odd how that works) that he did, he said he’d win New York because it’s full of Trump supporters. Which is it? Again, he thinks you’re too stupid to see through his various conflicting stories.

Also, he committed the crimes in Manhattan. Why would Florida try the case, or anywhere else? If that had happened, that too would be an example of a two tiered justice system.

See the hypocrisy there?

Oh, and he had Wednesday and the weekend to campaign. I believe he did more rallies and campaigning than Biden did during the trial.


This is one of those add on conspiracies that come about because everything else is getting debunked. No, the jury did not find Trump guilty of multiple crimes. They all agreed regarding the fraud charges but they had to agree that it was to cover up another crime.

The judge gave 3 possible other crimes. That’s it. He was being prosecuted for the main crime only.


So there you have it. 99% of this is hard fact, not conjecture or some guy standing in a hallway saying words that he’s not willing to backup on the stand.

I haven’t even mentioned his obvious lies since the trial started like his crowd sizes, the wait times at his rallies, a planned assassination attempt by Joe Biden, and even about sleeping.

I know you’re smart enough to see through his lies. So, please do!

I also know you don’t like Biden. I get it. The Gaza thing is hard to stomach. But if you take a look from the 30,000 foot view, you’ll see that while groceries cost more, America is stronger under Biden. He is the best possible candidate for your wallet, your community, your infrastructure, and your family.

Trump faciliated the Ukraine war so you can thank him for that. Biden has done a lot of good.

Here’s just a taste: his economic policy has generated more American revenue and has strengthened America’s standing on the world stage, his infrastructure bill is huge (so huge that Republicans take credit for it after voting against it because they cannot deny the positive results), he continued to reform health care, he passed a common sense gun control bill that even Republicans could not ignore, all while dragging the US out of COVID.

Trump will call all of this info lies. But that’s like calling a scientist a liar because he says the sun rises every day, no matter what, except in very select places. You can see for yourself so go, see for yourself. Don’t listen to how others interpret the numbers. The great thing about stats is that if you just look at the numbers and remove emotion, they never lie.

If you don’t, you are definitely part of a cult. Don’t believe me? Here’s the definition:

A cult is described as a system or group of people who practice excessive devotion to a figure, object, or belief system. Its characteristics include having a leader that preaches an explicit belief system or ideology and who is followed by unquestioning believers.



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