I Watched Russian TV for 3 Hours: Putin is Ready for WW3

Jay Hall
3 min readMar 3, 2022


When you switch on CNN, MSNBC, or any other news network these days, you hear constantly about pro-Ukraine protests in Russia but you hear nothing about the rest of the country and what they think.

Well, I decided to watch Moscow 24 TV for 3 hours to get an idea of what Russians are seeing about this horrible point in history.

Popular Themes on Russian TV

Here is is a list of the most popular themes on Russian TV as of today:

  • Ukrainian leaders are Nationalists denying their people their rights.
  • The UN is coming for Russia.
  • Russian casualties.
  • Russia is trying to liberate the Ukrainian people.
  • Anyone that helps Ukraine is a traitor.
  • Russians defeated the Nazis in WW2, and will do so for WW3.
  • Ukrainian fascists asking NATO for more bombs to kill their own people.
  • Bribes for the citizens and soldiers.
  • No bombed out buildings, no dead Ukrainian civilians.
  • The evils of NATO.
  • Projection about the economic sanctions.
  • Ukrainian troops defecting.
  • Russia is trying to be reasonable.

Popular Themes on All Other TV

  • Ukrainians fighting back.
  • Zelinsky is a hero.
  • Footage of burned out buildings.
  • Russian troops being confused about why they are in Ukraine.
  • How NATO is supporting.

The Natural Conclusion

The conclusion that I have come to is that most Russians do support this war because Putin is lying to them about every aspect of it. Not just that, but he’s painting the entire world as the enemy.

This is where things get extremely dangerous.

With Putin painting the whole world as the enemy, you can logically conclude that he wants to take on the world; not just Ukraine.

If that doesn’t leave you up at night, nothing will.

What I know is this: our news is completely different than Russian news. Many in Russia see Putin as a hero to Ukraine and an ambassador of humanity.

What do we do when lies consume us and divide us?

We, the people, have become so impressionable that we often believe the last thing we see or hear. All Russians are hearing is propaganda. Russian is top-shelf at manipulating information and Putin knows people are particularly vulnerable to misinformation these days.

Isn’t it ironic how the greatest access to information in human history has led to total misunderstanding and manipulation?

If you have friends in Russia, send them actual Ukrainians on the news talking about what is happening, because they don’t see that. Send them report after report. Jump on vK and start posting that information as well. Everyone can do their part to ensure we don’t end up in another World War.

To end this off, here are some screen caps from Russian news.



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