Thought Experiment: What Does Your Most Desirable Life Look Like?

Jay Hall
5 min readJan 3, 2022


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For my first official blog of 2022, I decided to continue down the path I’ve been on for the last few years and write something that inspires me forward. Motivational speakers often talk about knowing what you want out of life first, before going out and getting it.

With that in mind, I have always had a lot rattling around in my head so I decided to put a clear picture of my perfect or desirable life out in the universe. This is an interesting experiment because it allows me to clear some thoughts out and set goals.

So, here we go; my most desirable life!


I have discovered I want 3 things out of my work; creativity, passive income and to put something good out into the world. My project log has been cleared and I now have focus on just 4 projects. Each are on their way to stage one completion. That’s the good news! The bad news is that COVID-19 is still draining our economy and its anyone’s guess as to who will survive this crazy economy.

I have built a base, worked on a dream, worked on using my various versions of professional self to extend the base, and I have another project that will at the very least, help propel the others. This is the best place I’ve been in for awhile in terms of contentment within my professional life. I feel organized and ready to kick some ass, that’s important to me.

Ultimately, within 5 years I’d like to sell off most of my businesses/projects, giving way to writing and travelling as my daily life.


I enjoyed doing my travel blog prior to the pandemic. It’s great to get out there in the world, but I didn’t do enough. Once travel is appropriate on a large scale I’d like to visit 2 new places per year minimum.

Eventually, I’d like to live on the road with a modest setup in Winnipeg and Las Vegas. I’m good with 3 bedroom, 2 bath condos in each city in a well kept building. Anything else would be a bonus.


I’m not a very good writer. I mean, I have my moments but I usually rush through what I’m writing and I don’t give the idea a chance to grow in my head. There are a couple of exceptions though.

If I can retire early, I’d like to write the ideas that have been swirling around in my head for a long time; Happy Birthday Again and Devil’s Advocate. That, combined with travel blogging, which we’ll call non-fiction writing, would make me very happy!


This is an area of my life that is both positive and negative. Coming into 2022, I’m single and I don’t have a great relationship with most of my family. I’d like to improve on this and I finally know what I want in both areas.

When it comes to finding a partner, I think I’d like an Abigail Spencer type of woman. She’s absolutely my kind of beautiful with the dark brown eyes, her tininess, and her overall personality. She lights up a room, and that laugh … I would be a lucky man to meet a woman that can find that much joy in life. You can see what I mean about her here. Now, I’m not saying I’m going to date Abigail Spencer, but we’re both single going into 2022 soooooo …

I want a real partner, not a woman who is going to bleed me dry (been there) or create imaginary problems (done that). You know why Bonnie and Clyde are such icons of love? It’s because they had each other’s backs and had fun doing it. At least, that’s the version we’re sold. That’s what I want, minus the robberies and bullet laden death.

When it comes to family, I’d like to work on strengthening the relationships with those who mean a lot to me and I’ve let go of trying to repair relationships that I’ve put a lot of effort into but got nothing in return.

This means my circle is small, and only made a bit wider with a small group of friends. COVID-19 denialism and conspiracy theories have made it next to impossible to have any sort of a relationship with a lot of people in my life prior. I shall work on the solid friendships I have and hopefully, as life gets easier and more settled, I can continue that focus.


I don’t need a lot of money to live. My goal for a great life would be $24m with 1/2 accessible and 1/2 invested earning more money for me. I figure though, $500,000 per year can get me the life I want comfortably with room to retire decently young. Before COVID-19, I was on my way to that but alas, we play with the hand we’re dealt and I’m rebuilding.

Money has become less important to me over the years. I now see it as a necessary evil bi-product of my accomplishments. I surely don’t want to be poor though, so there is work to do!


I still very much believe in conquer fear, conquer life as an overall motto. It means a lot to me that I go into dangerous or risky scenarios regularly. That’s where I feel alive.

I have added some ideologies over the years though; science and evidence over everything, being accountable for my choices, love is absolutely the best part of living if you can find the real variety of it, and no one will do anything for me so I must push forward no matter the challenges thrown in front of me.


Basically, I don’t need to be rich but I do need more than most to be content with how much hard work I’ve put in. I want love with a sweet and fun partner, I want to travel, I want to write, I want good times with good people, and I want to be able to say I was successful in my attempts to add value to the world. This last one is tough. I recently told someone I dated about this and it became a major sticking point in our conversation.

She argued that I already added value to the world, and I argued that it wasn’t the value that I wanted. In the end, she felt like I would never be satisfied but that’s not true. I will be satisfied when others look at one of my accomplishments and say, “thank you”; not because I need the recognition, but because the ultimate measure of contribution is whether others feel you actually contributed.

I didn’t expect her to understand, because she found her calling early in life. She’s a nurse and nurses add value to the world nearly every day they are alive. She doesn’t have the same struggle internally because she crushed that goal without even having it. Must be nice. I just want to leave my stamp on the world.

That’s what my desirable life looks like.

What is yours?



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