Trump’s Tears: A Disgusting Legacy of Lies & Fraud

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It’s so interesting how people will believe literally anything they read. In the 90’s, stupidity was blamed on a lack of information. Now, in 2020 stupidity can no longer hide. We have access to boundless amounts of info and yet there are those who believe anything they see.

  • No further research.
  • No credibility needed.
  • No actual expert knowledge.
  • No proof.

On the other hand, here are some provable items that those same people won’t believe:

  • Donald Trump disrespected service members here (although to be fair, he wasn’t recorded saying it) and here. Yes, it’s a CNN link but these are facts from his mouth and all of the items in this video can be further researched and substantiated.
  • Donald Trump has been using voter fraud as an excuse forever, even when he won.
  • Donald Trump lost is going to lose Arizona because he was disrespectful to one of their favourite sons, John McCain.

The list goes on and on. Trump lies so much that it’s often recorded he has lied over a dozen times about really important shit in a single day.

When the big orange baby can get his way, he lies his way out of a corner. He’s the worst kind of human.

Now, I’m not saying there was no voter fraud. There may be some, and there are going to be mistakes BUT to call out fraud right now is insane, especially when it’s so easy to prove otherwise.

Here are the top lies from the Trump campaign:

CLAIM: A man pulling a red wagon with a box filled with fake ballots was caught on camera in Philly.

TRUTH: It was a photographer bringing in camera equipment. This man has been seen doing this before as well.

CLAIM: Lancaster County, PA, counted more mail-in ballots than it actually received.

TRUTH: The screen shot is real but is a typo that was immediately corrected on air. They compilation of numbers had in-person and mail-in votes lumped together.

CLAIM: 9.7M votes for Trump in CA went missing.

TRUTH: Some random fuckwad with Twitter handle @GregRubini put this up and immediately, Trumpettes believed it. This despite no proof, no Republican backing the claim, and no other mention from any other source that isn’t referencing the original post.

CLAIM: A VA county gave Biden 100,000 extra votes.

TRUTH: The person programming a spreadsheet 3x the total. It was caught early on, corrected and the votes were even recounted to be sure.

CLAIM: PA observers blocked from doing their job.

TRUTH: Nope. Didn’t happen. Think about it. This is a criminal offence and no one called the cops? Show me video of the observers who were blocked, stating it. Show me camera phone footage of the obvious fight that ensued. Show me anything besides an unsourced, unvetted tweet.

CLAIM: 6 to 8 states showed more people voted than people in that state.

TRUTH: Those claims are using old population numbers and current voting data. So, yeah. Idiots.

CLAIM: Dead people voted.

TRUTH: As has happened so often in the past, this election has people claiming dead people or impossibly old people cast ballots. The more likely causes are people with the same names, clerical issues, voter registration not actual ballots, or someone making shit up. These will all be investigated as they have been in the past, but just like in the past, they’ll likely all be debunked or corrected. Clerical errors happen and that’s why vote numbers always fluctuate slightly days after the vote. We just never had a gross man-baby in office to make a mountain out of pot hole before.

CLAIM: GA vote counter is on video crumpling up a ballot and showing frustration over Trump getting votes.

TRUTH: The paper wasn’t a ballot by all accounts, and the guy might be frustrated over ballots or a task, or he’s really expressive, or he’s having a rotten day, or he has a tooth ache, or his friend was supposed to pay him back and didn’t, or he got a paper cut, or the A/C is too high, or … well, you get the point. Stop listening to Coked up Jr. The man is literally every Chad ever.

CLAIM: Trump is making every voter fraud claim that we’ve seen in the last several elections and he says every claim is true.

TRUTH: There has still been ZERO evidence presented that there is voter fraud. There are several mistakes, but again, mistakes happen in all human tasks, but not nearly enough to change election results. Talk to me when a state is off by 100 or less.

CLAIM: VA burnt 80 ballots for Trump.

TRUTH: Those are sample ballots, that’s standard operating procedure, if you pause the video you can clearly see they’re samples, Jr is an idiot, and furthermore, shut up.

CLAIM: FOX2 report proves voter fraud.

TRUTH: This video is actually from a Dec 2019 news report on an entirely different election. The suit around that election was dropped in July of this year when the claims were revealed to be false.

CLAIM: US postal service held onto votes and hid them.

TRUTH: In a self-imposed sweep to ensure 100% election legitimacy, the USPS found 13 votes that were misfiled for delivery. Action was taken, and there is no conspiracy here.

CLAIM: A GA county rejected 40k mail-in ballots.

TRUTH: What a shocker, this is is untrue. lol. 200 votes had to be cured, and those voters were contacted. For rejected mail-in votes, there were about 3,000 for a lot of perfectly valid reasons that ensure the maximum vote security possible.

CLAIM: Trump was declared winner of PA and then some “votes were found” that changed that.

TRUTH: Nope. Just Jr and the rest of the Trumpettes jumping the gun and spreading false info. But yeah, let’s keep voting in politicians because they’re not politicians and letting their fucked up family members have a voice. Makes a lot of sense.

CLAIM: Biden could not have beat Obama’s popular vote record.

TRUTH: When you have a narcissistic asshat in office who responded poorly to a pandemic leading to the highest death rate of any country, who didn’t come close to fulfilling all of his promises, and cries like a little bitch with a silver spoon in his mouth every time things don’t go his way while simultaneously insulting the military … yeah, that shit is definitely possible.

CLAIM: Trump ballots with Sharpies weren’t counted.

TRUTH: What a bizarre piece of fiction. First, how do they know the ballots were just for Trump? Where are they? Let’s see some. Second, this just isn’t true. They even use Sharpies in the voting centres.

CLAIM: Biden received 100% of large voting blocks in multiple states.

TRUTH: Nope. One typo, adding a 0 to the end, which was quickly corrected. Other instances are just straight up lies and have no basis of confirmation.

In closing, stop believing single source, shotty evidence. If voter fraud is indeed found on either side in any meaningful way, the media, the opposition, and those involved would be up in arms. We’d see proof and examination of that proof by legal bodies.

Just slow da fuq down and think for a minute. Don’t respond immediately. Let the story play out a bit, do your research, and recognize the signs of real fake news:

  • Consider the source
  • Check the author
  • Check the date
  • Check your biases
  • Do fact checking independently if you’re going to talk about something like you know what’s up
  • Look for supporting sources
  • Seek out expert opinion
  • Make sure it’s not parody or satirical

Get it together. Trump lost, and it’s time to heal.

I find therapy in words. 3 types of articles I write: Life Lessons, What If (fiction meets reality) and Nonsense Listicles.

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