What Does Society Look Like in 10 years?

If I had a podcast again, I’d have an anti-masker and anti-vaxxer on the show, if only to talk about one topic:

What does society look like to you in 10 years?

There’s been a sort of unspoken understanding as to how we came out of the caves and learned to evolve into who and what we are today.

That understanding, as I see it, is:

As long as there have been people, there have been some that figure out what they want to do with their lives and then some of us don’t. Of those that figure it out, they go on to learn that subject matter better than almost anyone else, and in the fringe, better than literally every human that has contributed to the topic that has ever lived.

They study, they test, they intern, they resident, they burn the midnight oil, work their way up, present ideas and theories, test those; some work, some don’t. Then, hopefully, through diligence, intelligence and even a bit of elegance, they become true experts in their field.

Think about it.

You need to figure out a new road, you call an engineer.

You want to learn how to box, you reach out to someone older, experienced, and well versed so maybe you can get ahead faster.

You become a victim of a crime that you want solved, you call the police and they investigate.

Your Christmas tree goes up in flames which endangers your whole family, you call firefighters.

Your vehicle breaks down, you call a mechanic.

When you see a sink hole on Portage, you don’t call your Uncle Bob to fix it. Even in the case of the mechanic, you only call the friends you know have studied and worked on vehicles because you’ve seen them do it or heard good things about their work.

All repairs or creation start with an expert of some kind. Maybe they didn’t get a formal education but they can “do” rather than just “preach”.

So why have we chosen to derail the medical profession as we have? Why do so many people pretend to know more about vaccine, viruses, diseases, and general health than those experts?

I think we can all admit that if we didn’t have experts we’d have no power, no technology, no transportation system, no modern society. You can have an extremely low IQ and understand that. So, why can’t millions of people understand that without experts we would all be dead?

The first tragedy of this war is healthcare but you best believe that as climate change heats up so too, will the deniers. In New Orlean’s, there are already conspiracy theorists saying the power outages are a way of the government killing off minorities.

God, the government are kinda like Dr Evil, huh? They have the worst laid plans of attack ever.

Anti-vaxxers also pretend they’re rebels against vaccine cards and public health orders. They do so while showing and getting their ID scanned throughout their lives, driving with their seatbelts on, going to the hospital when they have an emergency, obtaining and using a passport, wearing clothes, stopping at stop signs, driving on the right side of the road, storing their luggage properly, listening to tour guides, not talking in a theatre during a movie, etc etc.

The reason they don’t care about the consequences of fighting needless wars over vaccines is because there are no real consequences for the most part. Now there are, and they are pissed but if you think about it, the world has always punished bad actors. It’s part of society.

Many, many anti-vaxxers also get Botox, do steroids, eat shitty food, take boner pills (by the same company making one vaccine), snort cocaine they got off a guy who wouldn’t tell them his real name, and drink copious amounts of alcohol. Yet, ask them what’s in any of that and they won’t know. Ask them why they trust the cocaine they got from a guy who scratched his nuts with the same hand he cut their lines with over properly studied vaccines and they won’t have an answer to that either. It’s called hypocrisy.

Botox and steroids make them look good and many live a vanity based lifestyle.

Boner pills let them get their fuck on.

Cocaine and getting black out drunk makes them forget about their shitty little lives.

It’s all about what feels good. Vaccines prevent while these things elevate. They get their dopamine hits and crave that feeling. Anti-vaxxers might just be living through addiction. We tried to help in the beginning like with any addiction but y’all can’t see the problem and are starting to destroy lives so the gloves are off for some of us, and others are just going to turn their backs on you because you, with your Facebook University degree, have pushed us too far.

There is so much irony in the anti-vaxx movement:

You’re the reason we are still living through a pandemic.

You’re the reason for vaccine passports.

You’re the reason public health orders continue to be implemented.

How hilarious are these court jesters?

So, knowing all of this, what is the end game?

Joe Rogan recently caught COVID-19 and claims to have gotten through it by ingesting an unproven cocktail of drugs. No evidence, just said he did it. Science says, don’t take this cocktail because it’s untested but that they have a vaccine that has been thoroughly tested properly. Thousands believe in Joe Rogan’s treatment instantly over doctors. This despite Joe just being a simple mouthpiece and fight commentator. But he’s a celebrity so he must be right, right?

At some point, having an audience became more important than having facts.

In one of his episodes, Joe parroted a popular anti-reality catchphrase, “People should just be allowed to do their own thing.”

Okay, so how far do we take that? ALL data shows the vaccine works but millions think that they know better, have nearly broken the chain of immunity, and are the main reason we’re still dealing with this problem. Here, we see a breakdown in society.

Protests blocking patients, their families and even ambulances from getting into hospitals. Fights in the streets and in stores over a piece of cloth. The total slap down of medicinal miracles. Actual people who have never spent a moment of their lives practicing medicine saying they know better.

When I hosted Shit People Post, anti-masker Patrick Allard told me that if he had to, he could learn open heart surgery. Think. That. Through.

So, what do we do here? Do we let go of society or keep it. There is no grey areas. In The Walking Dead, they try their beat to establish a society in a post-apocalyptic world, but there is always someone who “rebels” and tries to put an end to the structure.

And I know, you fashion yourself to be a Negan. You think you’re tough and that you could survive a world with no societal structure. In reality, you’re gonna get bit because you can’t shut the fuck up and let the experts handle the problems you’re not capable of understanding.

This may sound dramatic, but that’s the road we’re headed down.

The Articles About Dead COVID Deniers & Anti-Vaxxers

This can only get worse, unless God forbid, nature teaches them a lesson that is engrained in their experiential DNA. We get trickles of it every day; articles with former anti-vaxxers who have seen the error of their ways only because they were hit personally.







If that isn’t an indictment of the basic tenant of Christianity, “love thy neighbour,” I don’t know what is. Ironic, since a lot of anti-vaxxers are religious. And I stopped putting links in this article just because I thought 6 illustrated my point, but there are endless examples.

The dirty little secret of the anti-vaxxers and anti-reality types is that they have no plan and no way forward. Their bucking of medicinal progress can only hurt the whole in the end. Statistically speaking, this is 100% a certainty.

I wonder what their society looks like when everyone can just go and do their own thing. Where does it end? How far back into the stone ages do these people want to go?

No one has ever beat an anti-vaxxer in an argument with facts because they believe in fairytales and fake information, which validates their world view. Now I understand how an entire generation could be sold a reality with talking snakes, 980 year old men walking across continents in a day, and some dude living in a big fish. Add anarchy to the list of religions.

Anti-vaxxers either have a mental condition, low IQ, an extremely boring life, are religious zealots, or they’re narcissists. I’ve never met a single anti-vaxxer who doesn’t fall into at least 1 of those 5 categories.

Let’s not try and beat them in a game they’ve rigged for themselves with moving goal posts, fake audibles, and no play book except to steamroll anyone in sight. Next time they try and hit you, attempt to get them to look into their “free for all” future. Really press the thought experiment.

There is only one way this ends if they get their way; with the actual end or, at the very least, kicking us back a few thousand years in our evolution.

That’s what we’re witnessing right now. A bunch of people who know nothing dictating expert opinion. And they often use this popular line, “Your beliefs do not have to be mine.”

You’re right. So, it’s a good thing our support of vaccines isn’t a belief. It’s an understanding. We listen to and observe the scientific consensus. We hear your side and know you’re wrong because the overwhelming data points to the benefits. We look at your “doctors” and “nurses” without real data and proper studies, and we don’t follow them off a cliff because we need this thing called proof.

I started out my vaccine journey years ago as skeptical and hesitant. As I discovered the undeniable truth that vaccines are a net positive, I had meaningful conversations with anti-vaxxers but enough is enough. I’m not about that “let’s all just get along” life. I don’t tolerate people in my life who do me dirty and what’s dirtier than a willingness to put the vulnerable in my life in harm’s way?

I’m not scared the anti-vaxxers are going to give me COVID-19. I am conscientious of the fact that they could spread a deadly dose to those who can’t get the vaccine and the fact that they are ignorantly tempting fate by allowing SARS CoV-2 to mutate into something vaccine resistant.

So, don’t try and tell me to be more tolerant. I have no more patience left and all of us who don’t suffer from 1 of the 5 conditions I listed above need to drop the act as well. The anti-vaxx movement is killing people, and I don’t see why any of us should invite murderers over for dinner.

If you’d like to learn more about my vaccine journey, just ask for the link. Otherwise, thank you for coming to my TED Talk and go buy tickets for Fear if you’re vaccinated. 😎🧟‍♂️



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