What is the Real Story Behind Hunter Biden’s Damn Laptop?


Friendship Test

Back in the News

Questions to Ask

Who is Hunter Biden?

Hunter Biden, seen here with someone he probably borrowed money from.

What Was Allegedly on the Laptop and Who Discovered It?

The guy who was allegedly given this laptop.

Who said the Content Proved Corruption?

Oh Rudy, how far you have fallen.

Weird Plot Twists

This story has more circumstantial evidence than the Salem Witch Trials.

So, you’ve got the smoking gun to take down your political opponent and you tamper with the evidence and claim that you accidentally deleted the good stuff? Yeeeeaaaah. That sounds like a real possibility. Red flag #9.

The emails that allegedly show Joe Biden and Hunter Biden were corrupt.

Why the FBI Alerted Media This Story Could Be False

If the Laptop Was Secured by Trump’s Team Weeks Before the Election, Why Was the Damning Evidence Not Made Public?

The Teflon Con … I mean Don.

Did Hunter do Anything Legally or Morally Wrong?

Was this Story Handled Properly?


I mean, c’mon … if we see 2 or 3 red flags on a Tinder profile we swipe left! But for a news story with serious implications for the future of the most powerful country in the world … over a dozen red flags is a-ok?



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Jay Hall

I find therapy in words. 3 types of articles I write: Life Lessons, What If (fiction meets reality) and Nonsense Listicles.