Where Do We Go From Here? The Frustrating New COVID-19 Dilemma

Jay Hall
11 min readOct 14, 2020


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I write this for anyone confused about SARS CoV-2/COVID-19. If you’re stuck somewhere between wearing a mask and Bill Gates is manufactured the disease to become the emperor of earth, I hope this helps.

A Personal Journey Through COVID-19

I’m now done the COVID-19 dedicated section of the course I’m taking, I’ve lived through the pandemic like you have, and I’ve made my best attempt to be rational. I can see both sides of the debate, so now the question is, how do we just get past this so we can move the fuck on with our lives?

I’m bored of talking in circles. I’m tried of watching experts kill themselves working relentless hours to be called deep state. I’m sick of the mixed messages by our government. I can’t even with the media and shitty internet science. I want to punch anyone that thinks this is a binary problem; it’s not just about life or death, it’s about conditions both longterm and short. And I’m particularly tired of people that just don’t get that you can’t muscle masks on people.

Notice that what I just said means I’m sick of all the shitty attitudes on both sides of this debate?

This is the last I’ll post about this virus unless something drastically changes because I can’t see myself changing my mind.

Regarding this particular point in history; we’re damned if we do, damned if we don’t … unless we get a vaccine to 70–75% of the population. Here’s why I say that.

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Proceeding with a Lockdown

If we lockdown, we will halt the spread, but SARS CoV-2 isn’t going to go away.

We’re too far down the rabbit hole at this point that the lockdown would have to last well over a month and most people would lose everything in the process anyway.

Critical treatments would go unattended as the medical system adapted to the rules again.

Suicides and domestic violence would go through the roof.

The entire economy would need to be reset. Then there is still the risk that the virus could come back.

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Proceeding without a Lockdown

If we don’t lockdown, the spread will run rampant.

We’re too far down the rabbit hole at this point that not locking down means hundreds of millions of cases and ten’s of millions sick (conservatively).

People will likely lose a lot as the economy slows due to illness — granted not everything if we can adapt.

Critical treatments would go unattended as the medical system would be overwhelmed.

Luckily, suicides likely wouldn’t skyrocket.

The economy would have to adapt but not reset immediately. Then there is the risk that the virus could become stronger.

So, what in the hell do we do?

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STEP 1: Open Up + The Government

The lesser of the 2 evils I just listed above is to open most of the world back up except for large gathering places and international travel. I say this knowing that a large portion of my business depends on large gatherings and I’m about to live through my first full Winnipeg winter in a long time. Fuck me, right?

Public health officials need to stop offering confusing messages, too. Capacities should matter for all businesses. Walmart shouldn’t be exempt.

The science says mask up if in an enclosed place with people you don’t know, and that 2 people with 2 masks means a small chance of catching a serious case of this SARS CoV-2, which causes COVID-19.

Whatever we do as a country needs to be cohesive. Throw out all past recommendations — literally delete them from the face of the earth — and put up one page with a clear guide based on population numbers in a given radius. Work with the Provinces/States to decide what’s best to do, and just fucking do it.

Stop with the handwringing and be realistic. Most of the science has been worked out. No one is wearing a mask during sex. Some people won’t listen. Most will. Work with that. Lead by leading, not by fear.

Since 9/11 we’ve been governed by fear. It’s clearly not working. Time for new tactics.

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STEP 2: Businesses

Allow businesses to run that can maintain capacity levels reasonably with all of the necessary precautions in place. What’s reasonable? I’d say 100 or less at any given time.

This means almost businesses can continue to make money. It hurts some of us, but not the majority. Entrepreneurs are pretty adaptable.

For example, a casino floor could set up egress points to ensure that the slots have a capacity of 100, the restaurants, the black jack tables, etc.

Those businesses that do stay open must also make best efforts to maintain public health standards. Foggers are amazing for this! You should check them out if you haven’t already. We use foggers in our office and boy, what a difference!

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STEP 3: The Individual

Yes, the government is partially to blame for ignoring this threat for so long; experts have been warning of a pandemic like this for how many years now?

Yes, the policies are now a mess.

Yes, too many people are shopping at once in the big box stores.

However, we all have to accept personal responsibility to get out of this by the end of 2021. Be healthier; exercise, supplement, eat well, and get outside. Those are the first steps in fighting this and future threats.

Whatever happened to personal responsibility?

Are you so used to accusing your co-workers for the shitty job you did, or your partner for “causing you” to cheat that you’ve defaulted to a defensive position in every aspect of life?

Do a good job, and leave if you want to cheat. The same applies to COVID-19, just do what you gotta do so that we can get on with life.

Who really cares at this point if it’s about government control? Let’s just get back to normal. They can only control you permanently if you allow it, and you won’t … neither will I.

Wear your mask indoors when around others, use hand sanitizer or wash your hands after you touch shit, and social distance from people you don’t know or trust. Stay home when you’re sick. That’s literally all you have to do to get a normal life back by the end of 2021.

Wait, there’s one more thing …

Go for your physical right now. Figure out if you have any health issues. For those of you that find out you have health issues or those of you that already know you’re immunocompromised, you’ll have to be extra careful. The fact remains though, that a lot of people aren’t going to adhere to the rules so stay away from anyone that doesn’t want to wear a mask in your presence and stay home more. I know, it sucks. But we’re past the point of debate here. You need to be the adult in the room, sadly.

Then, when the threat is over and the cases are past us, we can all burn our masks, vote out anyone currently in office, and vote in people that won’t make such a mess of this next time.


We can plan for the future and demand our government get their shit together.

I’ll be right there with you dropping elbows on our politicians in Canada while others around the world do the same with their government. But, now is not the time. We’re literally sitting on the cusp of a global depression if we don’t just suck it up.

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STEP 4: The Media & Real News

Shut off CNN, CBC, FOX, MSNBC, or wherever you get your news. The days of impartial reporting are behind us. Leave their opinions at the door and then slam the door in their face.

Stop letting the talking heads run your life. If you want to go a step further, subscribe to medical journals:

I subscribe to all of these and as a result I know more than most. It’s not because I’m smarter, it’s because I’m getting my information from genuine experts who call out junk science and offer proof about their claims. They don’t editorialize (unless denoted) and they don’t make snide comments that clearly show their bias.

You can’t even say they are skewed to the left. Trump and the journals are both touting Remdesivir after warning about Hydroxychloroquine. They publish known science, and that is it. Sometimes they agree with your heroes, and sometimes they don’t. They’re not here to hero worship like so many of us, they’re simply here to present the data.

What about getting paid to do tests by big Pharma? There are just as many studies that are independent as there are that have money backing them. Just learn what to look for.

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STEP 5: The Vaccine

I know vaccines can be scary as hell for some. There is a huge misinformation campaign out there and I kinda fell for it years ago.

But I’ve done 6 years of hardcore research, with 2 of those being almost dedicated hours, and I understand that the anti-vaxx group are simply people who don’t understand the data, then share skewed info with others and confuse the situation.

I feel like I’ve done really good research on this subject, as recently as the 12th of October, when someone in my life challenged me to dig deeper into aluminum.

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Natural Herd Immunity

Oh, the new buzz term. I’m happy I hear less about the Kardashians but shit, stop saying things because you hear others say it.

The fact is, if we let natural herd immunity build there are models that predict 100m dead. That’s a lot of people. I’m not even a people person, and I know that’s a lot of people. But let’s cut that by 10x to 10m people, is that acceptable? Not in my books. Chances are, if 10m people die, we’ll all be attending someone’s funeral.

For those of you that say, oh well, just old people … hey dipshit … you’ll be old one day too. Youth is not an excuse to be obtuse about a human life. A 65 year old can have 30–40 years ahead of them. That’s a lot of life gone. A 75 year old (easily one of the worst hit ages) could have 25 years left; even if it’s 10 … da fuq did Grammy do to you?

If 70–75% of people get vaccinated and they can deploy the vaccine well, we’ll be out of the woods by the end of next year. Dr Fauci and many experts agree.

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Bill Gates

I know many of you think Bill Gates is evil, but without his money, we can’t deploy properly. He’s going to take a huge loss and is willing to do so. Just let the guy spend his cash. While we’re on the subject of Bill, can you please stop talking about nanotechnology being used in the vaccines and how he wants to be king of the world? You sound mentally deficient. Just because you saw it in a movie doesn’t mean it will happen. You ever find plot holes in a movie? Of course you have, because they’re NOT ACCOUNTABLE TO REALITY!

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Digesting the Data

The fact of the matter is the cases are skyrocketing, but so too is testing. We’re better at handling this thing so less people are getting sick. The death rate is also dropping depending on the data you believe. Yet, despite this, we are fed numbers without context daily. How many people are actually getting serious complications because of getting COVID-19?

Tests vs cases vs illness vs death … that’s a logical presentation of the data at this point, and we need to demand that it is presented as such. Why would cases cause anyone to worry when the mortality rate is so low? Give us the numbers of those who get really sick and the images of what that looks like.

If I got COVID-19, I’d time lapse the entire experience so that we can see what it’s like. I know people that have gotten it and the last thing they describe it as is a flu. They say it’s closer to death than anything.

I don’t think it’s the government trying to control us through mask wearing though. I truly believe they just didn’t know what to do because the experts were ignored for so long. I also believe that we, the people, are living through a period of shell shock so incredibly harsh that we can’t get out of this slump.

Things are frustratingly going to get worse before they get better. The key is to get the proper information about the vaccine out so that people trust it and to not tempt fate beyond what is required.

It all comes down to some simple principles. The world needs to open back up, we need to take some lumps, and we need that vaccine. But we seriously, as cheesy as it sounds, need to do this together. There’s no other way around it.

You can’t complain about government control and then not do everything they’re asking so that you don’t have to do it anymore by the end of next year. How does that logic make sense to anyone? This is all temporary if we listen to experts. If not, this is our world now and COVID-19 will overlap with more dangerous viruses.

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Let’s Recap

  • Accept that the virus doesn’t give a shit about your politics and set them aside for the time being. Don’t listen to Trump or Trudeau.
  • Take some personal responsibility and work towards a common goal.
  • Get healthier every day.
  • Support local businesses.
  • Turn off the media and internet scientists.
  • Go to proper sites with proper information and if you’re actually wanting to be a voice in a discussion about medical shit then subscribe to medical journals. Maybe even take a course.
  • Demand a better plan from government.
  • Vote out these clowns that got us here once we have gotten through this.
  • Come with me to see Coldplay in the UK when we’re free! Bucket list item.

Alright, no more COVID-19 talk for me. I need to save my businesses and help my friends do the same. I wish you all good healthy and the best this life has to offer.



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