White Privilege: Part 2

Jay Hall
4 min readFeb 25, 2022


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2022 sure has magnified white privilege.

When 9/11 happened, there was open violence and hatred against Muslims and brown people out of those with my colour of skin.

When the election of a black President and the BLM movement happened there was open violence and hatred against black people from those with my colour of skin.

When Trump started calling C19, the China Virus; there was open violence and hatred against the Chinese (and other Asian countries because a lot of white people don’t know the difference).

When Indigenous peoples setup roadblocks and demanded action to help their Northern communities who have Angola-like drinking water, plenty of white people wanted them arrested or shot, police moved in hard, and the hatred was high.

Over the past month we’ve had the Trucker Convoy and we knew Russia was going to slaughter thousands.

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What did we see?

The media, the government and the police were actually hugging white protestors and pandering at every turn to the Convoy of the Misinformed. I have never read an article about another race where they were so careful not to offend those leading an occupation. But, for the mostly white, mostly ignorant Trucker Convoy their articles were nothing short of disgusting.

The white guys trashing downtown Ottawa were never called thugs. The drunken idiots dancing (if you can call that dancing) in the streets and honking their horns at all hours were not judged merely on their appearance or hauled off to the drunk tank.

In fact, in Winnipeg the only protestor during the convoy to be arrested was an Indigenous man who was counter protesting and alleged drunk. The cops said they arrested him for his own safety but I saw cops stand by and watch white convoy protestors drinking in the streets, hollering and dancing, but they weren’t arrested.

In regards to Russia, most just kinda pretended Putin’s aggression wasn’t anything to be worried about. Many feel it can’t touch us because we are an ocean away. And because Putin is white, no nations roll up on him and snipe his ass. No seal teams are going in to take him down. Nothing. Putin amassed over 100,000 troops on the Ukraine border and all we did was call him and say, “Bad Putin.” Do you know what it takes to move 100,000 people and their gear? No one does that for shits and giggles.

The powers that be knew he was going to start a war and he was allowed to. Barack Obama wore a tan suit and got more negative coverage. Look at the list of heads of state that have been assassinated. Of those on the list, there are far fewer that look like me, and Putin deserved to be put down last time he attacked Ukraine. Even the truly evil whiteys get a pass.

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You know what we don’t see?

I don’t see any of the races or groups that were treated like shit by white people going after us. If they are, the numbers are so tiny it’s not making a blip.

No Russians getting told to go back to their country!

No truckers getting beaten in the streets.

No Confederate flag waving red necks having their homes lit on fire.

None of the countless sick things white people have done in the name of hate and insecurity to others are being inflicted upon us now. What does that say about privilege? A lot, and it’s scary.

Maybe instead of white people looking down on everyone and getting treated like lost puppies while they do, we should take this chance to recognize the hypocrisy and privilege, then make some changes.

What other evidence do you need to see the hypocrisy and disgusting nature of it all?

There is no single person on this earth that is better than another. Sure, some people do figure out their skills and succeed and some do what they do better than anyone else. That doesn’t make them better than anyone … it makes them dedicated, well practiced, and it means they had access to the tools of success.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s only assholes that create victims intentionally who should be second rate citizens. Everyone else should be free of the hypocrisy that ruins our ability to move forward.

Just look at Ukraine; a beautiful sovereign nation that is being bombed because the richest man in the world decided he hates what they have and wants to set the clock back, and he was allowed to do it. ALLOWED!

We have emboldened hate.

We have propped up racism and xenophobia.

We have applied a double standard.

We live by us vs them.

It’s tiring, it’s disgusting, and it’s sure to be our downfall.



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